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Vivien Yeo

Vivien Yeo , born July 20 1984 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is a Malaysian actress under contract to the TVB in Hong Kong.


Name: Vivien Yeo Siew Hui


Date of Birth:7/20/1984

Height : 5'9"

Weight : 110

Vital statistics : 34" 23-1/2" 35"

Family members : Father, mother, elder brother, younger sister

Language spoken : Cantonese , Mandarin, English, Malay

Hobbies/Talents : Playing piano, singing, reading, swimming, playing musical instruments

Ambition : To explore her career in various areas

'''Achievements :
'''1.Miss Malaysia Chinese International 2003

-Miss Photogenic

-Miss Elegance

-Miss Fresh Look

-Miss Beautiful Eye

'''2.Top 5 finalist in Miss Chinese International 2004

*Education: University Undergraduate
*Career route: Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2003


2007 全講風生水起

2007 娛樂最前線 E-News Front Line 2007

2007 超級愛美神 Mega Beauty Squad

2007 食神探路Culinary Travels

2007 紅粉特工隊


* Miss Astro Chinese International winner
* Top five finalist in Miss Chinese International 2004 pageants


*Moments Of Love
Miss Australia 2008

TVB Series

*Sunshine Heartbeat
*Into Thin Air
*Under the Canopy of Love
*Forensic Heroes
*The Price of Greed
*The Drive of Life
*The Ultimate Crime Fighter
*Men Don't Cry
*War of In-Laws II
*Forensic Heroes II


*Don't Blame Him


* Is very good friends with Linda Chung - both competed in Miss Chinese International 2004.

* She played the eldest sister in Sunshine Heartbeat but she's actually younger than Charmaine Li.

* She was about 20 when she starred in Sunshine Heartbeat but Charmaine was like 21-22).

Tracy Ip Chui Chui

Tracy Ip is the Miss Hong Kong 2005.


Coming from a family of 4, Ip lives with her parents. Her mother wanted to compete at Miss Hong Kong but due to her father's marriage, she gave up. Ip grew up in Hong Kong and studied at King Edward's School, Witley for a few years. In the early 2000s, she returned to Hong Kong and entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in fashion design. She was also a part-time model with the Elite Modeling Agency, modeling in some shows and commercials. She entered the Elite Look of the Year 2001 contest, making the top 24 but did not win anything in the end. In 2005 she competed in the Miss Hong Kong 2005.

Miss Hong Kong 2005

Ip was trained with 19 other delegates for 3 months. She visited the Tsunami affected areas like Sri Lanka and Thailand during her training. After that, on August 20, 2005, she competed at the HK Colliseum for the Miss Hong Kong 2005 crown. Even though she had negative news regarding surgery on her nose, she had a flawless performance and took the crown. She also received the title of Miss Charity. After that, she hosted some shows and performed in lots of charity shows in Hong Kong. She is also the 3rd Miss Hong Kong title winner to compete at Miss World .

Miss World 2005

Being considered a good representative for Hong Kong, Ip competed in Sanya, China for the Miss World 2005 title. She started out well for having some common "features" of former Miss World semifinalists from Hong Kong . She placed 7th in the Asia Pacific team and was close to winning the fast track event, Beauty With A Purpose. Ip also made the top 19 of the Beach Beauty Contest, which stunned many pageant fans. Ip also sold 35,000 RMB for her globe that was donated and auctioned at a charity dinner. It was the item that raised the most amount of money that night. She returned to Hong Kong on December 10.

Miss Chinese International 2006

On December 28, 2005, Ip attended a press conference for the Miss Chinese International 2006 pageant. Being a favorite from the start, Ip was expected to place in the top 3, and might even bag the crown. Surprisingly, Ip was shut out of the top 5 of the pageant. She only received a side award as a consolation. She is only one of the three Miss Hong Kong winners to not make the top 5 in the history of the pageant.


Ip afterwards hosted TVB shows like ''EBuzz''. She also signed a contract with TVB to start in some dramas. On August 12, 2006, she gave her crown and duties to Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Miss Hong Kong 2006. She also presented an award to Mr. Hong Kong 2006, Francois Huynh as he was the Handsome Group winner.



*''Heart of Greed'' as Cherry
*'''' as Anita


*''Dressage to Win'' as 大馬太
*''Love Exchange'' as Sophie
*''When a Dog Loves a Cat''
*''Moonlight Resonance'' as Ting Ting
*''The Greatness of a Hero''

Shirley Yeung

Shirley Yeung, born August 7, 1978, is a Hong Kong actress under contract to the TVB television channel.

She was the winner of the 2001 contest. She had been the favourite among audiences since the very beginning of the competition. She won 6 awards and she currently holds the record for the most awards won by Miss HK. Shirley Yeung participated in Miss Chinese International 2002, where she made the top 5. She is currently dating fellow actor Gregory Lee.


*The Threat of Love 2
*In the Realm of Fancy
*Life Begins at Forty
*Find the Light
*Blade Heart
*Angels of Mission
*Shine on you
*My Family
*Always Ready
*Bizarre Files
*The Bitter Bitten
*Au Revoir Shanghai
*The Price of Greed
*The Brink Of Law
*Devil's Disciples
*A Change of Destiny
*ICAC Investigators 2007
*The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
*Moonlight Resonance
*The Beauty of Versatility
*The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


*Kung Fung Mahjong 3

Sarah Song

Sarah Song is the current Miss Chinese International 2007 winner. She hails from the city of Sydney, Australia. She speaks three languages, , , and .

Pageant career

Sarah was known to compete at the Miss Sydney Chinese 2006 beauty pageant, where she won. She competed as #1 and was 21 years old. Standing at 5'3.75", Sarah Song was a darkhorse in both Miss Chinese Sydney and Miss Chinese International. On January 3, 2007, she arrived at Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant. On the night of the finals, January 20, 2007, Sarah was in Foshan for the finals. She won the crown and also received the Miss Chinese Culture award. Her victory by many were considered to be because of her good interview skills during the finals. She and the other top 10 delegates were asked to explain chinese slang sayings. She explained them all quite well as she spoke Cantonese.


Sarah received her prizes later in Guangzhou and returned to Sydney afterwards. Sarah will join TVB and will fly to Hong Kong in April 2007.TVB.


Sarah is now working in TVB Payvision as an entertainment news anchor. She will later participate in dramas. Recently she has appeared in the 2007 TVB TVC Awards, Mr Hong Kong 2007 and game shows. Sarah is also hosting a show called "事必關己" along with Sharon Chan, Joey Leung, Tracy Ip, Jess Shum, Ng Hang Mei, Amigo Chui, and more.

Rachel Tan

Rachel TAN Weng Kim, 陈泳锦 is a former Miss Chinese International who represented Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when she captured the prestigious title in Hong Kong back in 2003. She was 20 when she competed and was the first and only Malaysian to ever hold the title, though Malaysian representatives have a striking track record in the pageant.

Rachel was born on May 5, 1982 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, to. She has a bachelor's degree in law from University of Sheffield, and a Master’s degree in law from University of Cambridge

Rachel’s Chinese origin is Fujian, and she speaks three languages including Cantonese, English and Malay. She has a sister name Denise, who is a marketing manager.

Miss Malaysia Chinese International 2002

On November 9, 2002, Rachel captured the title of Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant , an annual beauty pageant organized by Malaysia's premier satellite television station, ASTRO. During the competition, Rachel also bagged the Miss Photogenic Award. Her runner-ups were July LIM Sze Chia and TAN Ling Ling.

Prior to winning the pageant, Rachel walked away with a Kia Carnival MPV worth RM160,000, a cash prize of RM25,000 sponsored by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd and other prizes. She also represented Malaysia in the "Miss Chinese International Pageant 2003", held in January, 2003.

Miss Chinese International 2003

Rachel further went on to Hong Kong to compete in Miss Chinese International Pageant representing Kuala Lumpur. On 25th of January 2003, Rachel eventually captured the coveted title beating out 12 other beautiful and ambitious young ladies from all over the globe.

In the long run, Rachel beat out press favourites like Miss Bangkok, Kullaya Duangmanee and the host contestant Miss Hong Kong, Tiffany LAM and won. Runners-up were Tiffany Lam, Miss Hong Kong and Diana Wu, Miss Toronto.

Legal Eagle

Rachel graduated from Convent Seremban High School where she was an active student who involved in the Red Crescent Society and Leo's Club. She marked excellence in her academics as she scored 7A’s in her PMR examination , 10A’s in her SPM examination .

After completing her A-levels, she did her first year at a local private college, Kamayan ATC in Kuala Lumpur before obtaining a scholarship to continue her studies at University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Life at Cambridge

After graduation from Sheffield, Rachel studied her Masters in Law at University of Cambridge, and obtained a place at St Catherine’s College from October 2005 till June 2006.

Modeling and Entertainment Career

She is currently Rado ambassador for Malaysia. In her capacity as an ambassador, she attended the Stella Artois Tennis Tournament in London, traveled to Beijing for the Chinese Tennis Open and visited the Rado watch factory near Berne, Switzerland.

Rachel also had a part in a local sitcom Homecoming on ASTRO in 2003 and a theatre role in the play Leslie, the Legend. She is currently hosting TV Show “Girls’ Club” on a local channel, NTV7.

She currently has been set back in the entertainment field as she has been dubbed "too commercial".

Melissa Ng

Melissa Ng Mei Hang is a TV actress in Hong Kong. She has been a TVB actress since her leading role in the TVB 2006 episodic series ''La Femme Desperado'', where she portrayed a woman with weak personality. Melissa can speak fluent with , and , making her very good at portraying roles in different languages.

Acting career

After graduating with a major in international relations and a minor in marketing at San Francisco State University, she entered the Hong Kong entertainment industry in 1996, after placing 1st runner up in Miss Chinese International 1996 . She started out with minor roles, appearing in only a few episodes. She has portrayed roles that have to commit suicide, being killed, or even lesbian roles in the early years of her acting in entertainment industry.

However when years passed, she started playing second female lead, and eventually, she has been playing the first female lead in all her series with positive reviews. Her many series include A Kindred Spirit, Legend of Lady Yang, Secret of the Heart, Riches and Stitches, A Herbalist Affair, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, Healing Hands III, and most recently, La Femme Desperado and Love Guaranteed which received the best and 4th best ratings for TVB series in 2006 respectively. Her hard work and prominent achievement has secured her a high status as one of the most valuable Fa-dans in TVB.

Since the filming of Tai Chi in early 2006 , Melissa has not been in any other series. After the airing of La Femme Desperado and Love Guaranteed , she has been out of the spotlight. It turns out that she became pregnant during the ending of the year, and her baby was born in July 2007. During a promotion for Tai Chi, Melissa has announced that she would spend more time with her newborn before a possibility that she will re-join TVB.

Pageant career

Melissa was crowned Miss Chinatown USA 1992. After winning the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant based in the city of San Francisco, Melissa represented San Francisco at Miss Chinese International 1996. Melissa had a great interview during the final night, where she challenged Eric Tsang in the interview, and was later crowned as 1st runner up. Due to her strong Cantonese and communication skills, she earned a contract with TVB.

Selected filmography

Notable roles

* Lai Siu in
* Ka Man in Fantasy Hotel
* Dr. Sarah Yip To in Healing Hands III
* Ko Ling in La Femme Desperado
* Hazel Kuk Yeuk Hei in Love Guaranteed
* Song Ching in The Master of Tai Chi


* 1996 Miss Chinese International Pageant: First Runner Up
* 1992 Miss Chinatown USA Winner

Lena Ma

Lena Ma , born on July 7, 1987, is the winner of the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2004. She participated in Miss Chinese International 2005 but did not place in the top 3.

In 2008, Lena participated in Miss World Canada. She ended up as the 4th runner-up. She also received the Miss Photogenic and Miss Entrepreneur award. The winner of Miss World Canada 2008 was Leah Ryerse.


*Name: Lena Ma 馬艶冰
*Nickname: Lena
*Profession: Student, Model, Singer
*Date of birth: July 7, 1987
*Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, French
*Origin: Jinan, Shandong


*Miss World Canada 2008 4th Runner-Up
*Miss World Canada 2008 Miss Photogenic
*Miss World Canada 2008 Miss Entrepenuer for Beauty with a Purpose
*Miss Chinese Toronto 2004
*Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2004 Miss Friendship
*Canadian Fashion Designer Awards - Best Female Model Award

Leanne Li

Leanne Li, born November 25, 1984, was the 2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant winner hailing from Vancouver, Canada. She is now an actress and for TVB.


Leanne's family originate from Shanghai, China who later emigrated to Canada when she was a child. The eldest of two girls, she was a second year fine arts student at the University of British Columbia before participating in the pageants at the age of 20.

At the age of 20, Leanne competed as contestant #10 in Miss Chinese Vancouver 2004 Pageant, taking the crown. She also took the titles of Miss Photogenic and Best Posture. As the winner this pageant, she represented the city of Vancouver at Miss Chinese International the following year.

In January, she arrived in Hong Kong to compete for the Miss Chinese International 2005 crown. Being considered just a favorite, she beat out bigger favorite, Fala Chen of New York for the title. Her performance received positive reviews, especially during the final interview portion.


After winning Miss Chinese International 2005, she gave up her studies in Vancouver and started her acting career at TVB. Due to her limited , she was only able to host some shows on the TVB8 channel. Afterwards, she improved her Cantonese and now stars in TVB series. Her first series was "Love Guaranteed", playing an assistant of Melissa Ng's character, Hazel. She also had a role in the big production The Drive of Life. She played the role of Tavia Yeung's best friend in the TVB series, The Building Blocks of Life.

TV dramas

*La Femme Desperado - Guest Appearance
*Love Guaranteed
*Dicey Business
*Drive of Life
*The Building Blocks of Life
*War of In-Laws 2 - Guest Appearance
*Forensic Heroes 2
*The Money-Maker Recipe

Kayi Cheung

Kayi Cheung , born on 18 November 1983 in Hong Kong with family roots in Chaozhou, Guangdong, is Miss Hong Kong 2007. She also received the Miss Vitality Ambassador award. Cheung has said her goal is to become a successful programme host and to promote healthy living.

In 2005, Cheung entered the Miss Chinese Pageant in which she was not named as a Top 3 contestant. However, she did capture the Miss Vivacious Beauty award. She hosted What's On on Fairchild Television until April 2007 when she returned to Hong Kong as an overseas contestant in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Cheung wasn't a favorite to win, and was virtually ignored during the entire pageant. She was not considered even a contender to make the top 8, let alone top 5 or top 3. When she was announced as the winner, the live audience booed heavily because nobody expected her to be up there. Most of those in attendance thought that the crown should have gone to eventual runner-up Grace Wong, who had bagged the Miss Photogenic and Miss International Goodwill awards on the same night.

What followed was massive criticism totally unseen in Hong Kong pageant history. The media and the public severely bashed Cheung for being one of the least beautiful Miss Hong Kong winners ever. TVB, the organizer of the pageant, claimed that the onstage performance on the final night was just part of the game and Cheung had showed very strong communication skills when meeting the judges before the final, which might prove decisive. The public were not convinced, and insisted that Cheung's win was fixed. The bashing continued to the point that there were informal polls among internet fans on whether there should be a re-election of Miss Hong Kong 2007. Nevertheless, Cheung handled the pressure gracefully and remained calm and composed whenever she was asked about all the harsh comments made on her looks.

Cheung attended the University of British Columbia, a university that has produced beauty queens in the past. Besides Cheung, four other Vancouver contestants have won the Miss Hong Kong pageant --- Virginia Yung , Anne Heung , Sonija Kwok and Vivian Lau . The university has also produced three Miss Chinese International winners including Bernice Liu of 2001, Linda Chung of 2004, and Leanne Li of 2005.

Cheung competed in Sanya, China for the Miss World 2007 pageant in December 2007. In the pageant she made history by becoming the first Miss Hong Kong to win the Beauty With A Purpose award, based on her charity work for the "Wai Yin Association", a charitable organisation set up by a group of former Miss Hong Kong winners/participants since 1982. Cheung tied with Miss Ecuador for the award so both advanced to the semifinals automatically. She is the first Miss Hong Kong to make the semi-finals since Pauline Yeung did in 1987. The Miss World 2007 title went to Zhang Zilin of the People's Republic of China.

In January 2008, Cheung went on to compete in the Miss Chinese International 2008 pageant where she was not considered to have much chance to do well even as the host delegate. Again she broke all odds and became 1st runner up, the first Miss Hong Kong to place in the top 3 since Mandy Cho in 2004. This was again criticised as being the result of TVB's "help", especially because other contestants were mostly of very competitive quality, and Kayi's performance was considered mediocre at best.

Cheung did the worst in the relatively least competitive pageant she had entered, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2005.



Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui Ji-San is a pageant winner and a TVB actress.


Tsui graduated from the University of California, Davis with a major in . She is also skilled in different styles of dancing such as and ballet. Tsui can speak several languages. During college, she in Japan.

Pageant career

After her studies in Japan, she entered the Miss Hong Kong 2004 pageant. She took the winner's crown along with Miss Photogenic award, Fitness award and Miss International Goodwill. Taking 4 titles is rare, and in the history of Miss Hong Kong, only Shirley Yeung has taken more.

After participating in TVB events and hosting some shows, she entered the Miss Chinese International 2005 pageant. Despite being a favorite for the crown, she only obtained one award and got placed in the top 5, losing to Leanne Li and Fala Chen.

Being an actress

Not long after being crowned as Miss Hong Kong 2004, Kate Tsui became romantically linked to singer Leon Lai when she interviewed him in the entertainment show "Jade Starbiz."

In 2006, Kate was heavily criticized by the public for speaking of sex openly on an RTHK radio show held in Hong Kong. Such over talk of sex shocked the public and was considered as impairing the well-established fame of Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Kate later apologized to TVB.


Miss Hong Kong 2004:

Winner, Miss Photogenic, Miss International Goodwill, and Fitness award.

Miss Chinese International 2005:

Top 5 finalist and Miss Gorgeous.

TVB 40th Anniversary Awards 2007

Winner Most Improved Actress Award

27th Hong Kong Film Award

Winner Best Newcomer Award


TVB series:
*Fantasy Trend
*When Rules Turn Loose
*La Femme Desperado
*The Price of Greed
*The Brink Of Law
*On The First Beat
*Speech of Silence
*Moonlight Resonance
*Man in Charge
*The Four
*Beauty High Resolution

* ''''
* ''''
* ''Lady Cop & Papa Crook''



Jolene Chin

Jolene Chin Yeng-Mun or Chan Ying Man, or Chen Ying Wen ,is a beauty pageant queen from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She won the title of Miss Astro Chinese International in 2004 where she received the Miss Friendship Award and Miss Elegance Award and represented Malaysia at Miss Chinese International Pageant. She also won the Miss Chinese International Friendship Award in 2005. She can speak , Cantonese, Mandarin, and Malay.


Jolene studied at a Chinese primary school but went to Australia to further her studies. It was at where she studied finance and marketing and graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & Marketing and was formerly a marketing executive.


* 2004: Miss Astro Chinese International - also Miss Friendship and Miss Elegance
* 2005: Miss Friendship

Jessie Liu

Jessie M. Liu is Miss NY Chinese 2002, the first Miss NY Chinese winner to compete in Miss Chinese International. She is a producer/ director/ host for Chinese American TV programs.


Born in China, Canton Province, Guangzhou, Jessie Liu immigrated to the U.S. with parents in 1993. She lived in Rhode Island with parents and sister from 1993 to 2003, then moved to New York City by herself in 2004.

Beauty Pageant

Jessie Liu entered Miss NY Chinese 2002 pageant
at the age of 20. She also won the title of Miss Popularity, which voted by live audience at the night of the competition. She played piano and sang a song that she composed as her talent performance in the competition. In January, 2003, she traveled to Hong Kong to compete in Miss Chinese International 2003 representing NY.


In 2003, Jessie Liu returned to RI to finish college while interned in a marketing firm in Manhattan, NY. In 2007, she withdrawn from her full-time position as the Account Service Department Director at the marketing firm, and started her new career in entertainment production. She hosted a Telly Award-winning, national Chinese American TV program, Better Living in USA ?美化家居?

, in fall 2006. From April to December 2007, she hosted the first Chinese American game show series, Click or Clash ?皇牌對對碰?, produced by a New York based entertainment company, JL Global Entertainment Inc.

In 2008, Jessie Liu produced, directed, hosted Better Living in USA II, Celebrity Home ?名家有主? , traveled around the U.S. to interview successful Chinese American immigrants. It is the first locally produced Chinese American TV show that got broadcast nationally via multiple TV cable and satellite network in the U.S.

Ina Lu

Ina Lu , born 1982 in , is a South African beauty hailing from Johannesburg. She was 2006.

Miss Chinese South Africa

Ina won the crown of ''Miss Chinese South Africa 2005'', organized by the community from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on January 29, 2005. She beat out 11 other delegates including her sister, Ivy Lu. Ivy is the 1st runner up in Hong Kong for the 2007 title, as the Miss Chinese South Africa pageant is held every two years, but the MCIP is held every year .

Miss Chinese International 2006

She then represented Johannesburg at the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2006. Being considered a favorite due to her figure and smile, she won Johannesburg's first crown. She beat out favorites like Tracy Ip of Hong Kong, Crystal Li of Vancouver, and Elva Ni of Toronto for the crown. Before Ina's win, 1995's Miss Chinese South Africa Linda Li was Johannesburg's best showing at Miss Chinese International, placing in the Top 5.

Life after the pageant

Instead of taking an offer to join the Hong Kong entertainment industry right away by signing with TVB, Ina returned to Johannesburg to continue her studies.


She crowned Sarah Song of Sydney, Australia as Miss Chinese International 2007 on January 20, 2007. Sarah succeeded her. The first runner up at the pageant was Ivy Lu of Johannesburg, South Africa who is her younger sister. Ivy was close in succeeding Ina as the new winner, and both were almost the first pair of sisters in the history of the pageant to win the crown.

Fala Chen

Fala Chen is a beauty pageant queen hailing from Georgia, US. Fala has 4 major Chinese titles. She is Miss Asian America 2002, Miss Chinatown USA 2003 runner up , Miss NY Chinese 2004, and Miss Chinese International 2005 runner up.


Fala was born in Chengdu, People's Republic of China in 1982. She came to the United States at the age of 15 in 1997. She attended Emory University in , USA where she majored in Marketing and International business, minored in Japanese. During her first year in college, she started entering beauty pageants. She graduated from Goizueta Business School of Emory University with a BA degree in May, 2005.

Beauty Pageants

Representing Georgia, Fala entered the Miss Asian America 2002 pageant. At the age of 20, she took the crown on August 2002. She performed a traditional peacock dance in a golden dress for her talent. Her dance was taught by her mother.

After taking the Miss Asian America crown, she entered the Miss Chinatown USA 2003 pageant. Traveling to to compete, she took the Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce 2003 title . The winner was Miss Honolulu, Hawaii, Darah Dung.

After participating in 2 Chinese pageants, she participated in the Miss Chinese International pageant. That is when she participated in the Miss NY Chinese 2004 pageant. She was favored to win due to her smile, figure, beauty, and previous pageant titles. She joined the pageant on August 13, 2004, and took the crown and 3 awards After winning, she was able to represent New York at the 2005 Miss Chinese International pageant even though she was from Georgia. It was also in 2004 that the pageant accepts delegates around The United States.

In January, 2005, Fala traveled to Hong Kong to compete for the Miss Chinese International 2005 crown. From beginning to end, Fala was considered the one to beat according to many pageant sites and the Hong Kong Press. On January 29, 2005, she competed at TVB City for the crown. She took hold the title of First Runner Up for the city of New York. The eventual winner was Miss Leanne Li from Vancouver.


After returning to New York for a while, she went back to Hong Kong and joined the big family of TVB. She started on one TVB series Forensic Heroes, where she started as a murderer who accidentally killed someone. She also crowned the 2006 Miss Chinese International 1st runner up, Ginney Ann from Bangkok, Thailand.


Television Series


* 2002: Miss Asian America 2002
* 2003: Miss Chinatown USA 2003 1st runner up
* 2004: Miss NY Chinese 2004, Best in MTV, Best Costume, and Miss Photogenic
* 2005: Miss Chinese International 2005 1st runner up
* 2007: TVB Best Supporting Actress

Carlene Aguilar

Carlene Ang Aguilar is a beauty queen. Aguilar is a former Miss Philippines Earth and a former .

Carlene was born on February 8, 1982, to her parents Raul Aguilar and Catharin Ang. She has 2 brothers and a sister, all raised in the heart of Quezon City, Philippines. Carlene studied at the Immaculate Conception Academy in Greenhills for her elementary and high school education. She is currently taking up her Bachelor of Arts course in the University of the Philippines.

Carlene won the title of Miss Philippines Earth and became the country's first representative to the 2001 Miss Earth pageant. In 2004, she became Miss Chinatown Manila and Miss Chinese International 2nd Runner-up. In 2005, at the Binibining Pilipinas pageant she was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas World. She was also named as Miss Philippine Airlines and Miss Avon. She was a semi-finalist and a favorite by the bookmakers and pageant sites at the 2005 Miss World pageant in Sanya, China.

Carlene went into acting, and had a previous performance contract with Hong Kong's TVB Network where she stayed for a few months. She has also done fashion and commercial modelling.

Carlene can be most recently seen on Filipino television as a dancing contestant on the ABS-CBN show ''U Can Dance''. Billed as a 'beauty titlist' in the Filipino version of Dancing With The Stars, her partner is professional dancer Dindo Divinagracia.

Recently, she was proclaimed as Miss Internet WWW Queen 2006. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 22 September 2007 and is named Calix Andreas. The father of her son is actor Dennis Trillo. Dennis stated that he felt relieved after making the admission: “''Pakiramdam ko mas magkakaroon ako ng peace of mind dahil …kasi hindi ko naman matatago yun habambuhay dahil talagang dumarating sa parte ng isang tao ‘yung ganun nagkakaroon ng anak , parte ng buhay yun e, so yun yung inevitable sa isang buhay''.
Calix celebrated his 1st birthday on September 17, 2008.

Anita Yuen

Anita Yuen Wing-Yi is a Hong Kong film and television . She was the winner of the 1990 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.

Pageant career

At the age of 18, Anita entered the Miss Hong Kong 1990 pageant. She was a heavy favorite to win the crown from the semifinal to final. During the semifinals on August 5, 1990, she won the Miss Photogenic award. She had a semifinal score of 485, placing 3rd overall. The finals were held on August 21, 1990. She eventually beat out another big favorite, Helen Yung who was 1st runner up and the winner of 2 other awards. Anita later represented Hong Kong at the Miss Chinese International 1991 pageant, held on February 2, 1991. She took 1st runner up for Hong Kong. She also competed at the Miss Universe 1991 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. She failed to make the top 10 and was placed 60th. The pageant was won by Miss Mexico, Lupita Jones.

Movie career

Anita Yuen is best known for her role as the female lead in Derek Yee's 1993 tear-jerker ''C'est la vie, mon chéri'' . She is also well remembered in her cross-gender comic role opposite Leslie Cheung in ''He's a Woman, She's a Man'' . The two roles won for her the Hong Kong Academy Best Actress awards. She has also acted in a number of television serials, notably in Taiwan.

Personal life

Her boyfriend is 36 year old Hong Kong actor and singer Julian Cheung. In May 2006, Yuen announced that she was 3 months pregnant with their first child. Their son, Morton Cheung, was born on November 12, 2006. On June 23, 2007, Anita was a guest on TVB's Be My Guest with host Stephen Chan revealing that she and Julian were secretly married in the United States, San Francisco, back in 2001.


* ''Love Exchange'' - Anita Yuen's comeback series
* ''Protege''
* ''Love's Lone Flower'' - Gu Lian Hua
* '''' - Chui
* ''The River Flows Eastwards'' TV Series - Sufen
* ''''
* "''The Monkey King''" TV Series - The Goddess of Nine Heaven
* ''Chor Lau Heung'' TV Series - Song Xi Hu
* ''Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry!!'' - Lisa
* ''''
* ''Dragon Heat''
* ''State of Divinity'' TV Series
* ''Hua Mu Lan'' TV Series
* ''Enter the Eagles'' - Lucy
* ''Anna Magdalena'' - Assistant Editor
* '''' - BoBo
* ''A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation'' - Xiaoqian
* ''Hong Kong Night Club'' - Cora
* ''God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage'' - Seven
* ''He Comes from Planet K'' - Moon
* ''Up for the Rising Sun''
* ''The Wedding Days'' - Rachel Lam
* ''Entrance of the P-Side'' - Yip Yuk-Sum
* '''' - Bai Xuehua
* ''Till Death Do Us Laugh'' - Yuen Siu-Wen
* ''Who's the Woman, Who's the Man'' - Lam Chi Wing
* ''Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star'' - Beautiful
* ''Heaven Can't Wait'' - Moon Lady
* ''''
* ''The Chinese Feast'' - Au Ka-Wai
* ''The Age of Miracles'' - Mrs. Sheung
* ''Tragic Commitment'' - Lam Hiu-Tung
* '''' - Amy Yip
* '''' - Mei-Ball
* ''I Want to Go on Living'' - Yip Fan
* '''' - Fong Siu-Yin
* ''Tricky Business'' - Moon
* ''From Beijing with Love'' - Siu Kam
* ''He's a Woman, She's a Man'' - Lam Chi Wing
* ''C'est la vie, mon chéri'' - Min
* ''Crystal Fortune Run'' - Ko Kit
* ''The True Hero'' - Hung
* ''I've Got You, Babe'' - Ron
* ''The Worth of Silence'' - Kwong Mei-Chi
* ''Crossings'' - Mo-yung
* '''' - Shou-Kit Ho
* '''' - Tai Lok-Yee
* ''I Will Wait for You'' - Cheung Wai-Sum
* ''Taste of Killing and Romance'' - Yu-Feng
* '''' - Ko Sau-Ping
* ''Tears and Triumph'' - Sai Ming-Jun
* ''A Warrior's Tragedy'' - Ting Ling-Lam
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Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan or Aimee Chan Yan Mei , born on April 1, 1981 in Toronto was Miss Hong Kong 2006.


Aimee was born in Toronto, Canada. Her parents were born in Hong Kong. She began her modeling career at the age of 16. After high school, Aimee studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She graduated at the age of 23 and became a Graphic Designer. One year later, she entered a modelling competition and won the title. Later she competed in her first beauty pageant.

Miss Chinese Toronto 2004

Competing with 9 other delegates in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2004, she did not place in the top 3. Aimee was seen as one of the favorites to win the night of Miss Chinese Toronto finals. She later started to host Toronto's What's On tv show at Fairchild.

Miss Hong Kong 2006

After losing in the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant, she competed in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2006. Though coming from Toronto, she went back to Hong Kong to compete. She made the top 21 of the Hong Kong group. After going into camp for 5 days training in Group C, she made the top 16. After filming with in Korea, she competed on August 12, 2006 for the title. Though being a favorite, there were negative reports circulating about plastic surgery. Despite this she won the crown, audience favourite and won the Miss International Goodwill title as well.

Miss World 2006

As the Miss World Organization no longer accepts runner ups as contestants in the Miss World pageant, Aimee was asked to compete in the Miss World 2006 pageant in Warsaw, Poland. However Aimee did not compete in Miss World 2006 due to overage.

Miss Chinese International 2007

On January 2007, Aimee competed in the Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant, representing Hong Kong. Had she won the Miss Chinese Toronto 2004 title, she would have represented Toronto at Miss Chinese International 2005. This time around she represented Hong Kong. She was a favorite to win the title and was excepted to at least make the top 5. However due to an average performance in the finals, she placed in the top 10 only. Aimee became the fourth Miss Hong Kong to not place in the top 5, after Winnie Yeung in 1996 and her predecessor,1994 Tracy Ip in 2006. The pageant was eventually won by Sarah Song of Sydney.

After Miss Hong Kong

Upon winning Miss Hong Kong, Aimee was signed by TVB and began a career in television, initially starting in MC duties at large charity shows, award shows and other live broadcasts. In 2007 Aimee was featured in TVB's Children's Music Awards. Upon passing her crown, Aimee reaffirmed her interest in design - stating that she intends to work on her own brand in the future. She is currently filming her second TV drama series, the highly acclaimed tv drama series: Best Selling Secrets.

TVB Series

Catch Me Now as Nana

Best Selling Secrets

The Academy III

Burning Flame III


* She attended Woodbridge College Secondary School in Woodbridge, Ontario.
* She went to Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto.
* Her favorite TVB series is Virtues of Harmony.
* Her hobbies include martial arts, piano, ice hockey and dance.