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Melissa Ng

Melissa Ng Mei Hang is a TV actress in Hong Kong. She has been a TVB actress since her leading role in the TVB 2006 episodic series ''La Femme Desperado'', where she portrayed a woman with weak personality. Melissa can speak fluent with , and , making her very good at portraying roles in different languages.

Acting career

After graduating with a major in international relations and a minor in marketing at San Francisco State University, she entered the Hong Kong entertainment industry in 1996, after placing 1st runner up in Miss Chinese International 1996 . She started out with minor roles, appearing in only a few episodes. She has portrayed roles that have to commit suicide, being killed, or even lesbian roles in the early years of her acting in entertainment industry.

However when years passed, she started playing second female lead, and eventually, she has been playing the first female lead in all her series with positive reviews. Her many series include A Kindred Spirit, Legend of Lady Yang, Secret of the Heart, Riches and Stitches, A Herbalist Affair, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, Healing Hands III, and most recently, La Femme Desperado and Love Guaranteed which received the best and 4th best ratings for TVB series in 2006 respectively. Her hard work and prominent achievement has secured her a high status as one of the most valuable Fa-dans in TVB.

Since the filming of Tai Chi in early 2006 , Melissa has not been in any other series. After the airing of La Femme Desperado and Love Guaranteed , she has been out of the spotlight. It turns out that she became pregnant during the ending of the year, and her baby was born in July 2007. During a promotion for Tai Chi, Melissa has announced that she would spend more time with her newborn before a possibility that she will re-join TVB.

Pageant career

Melissa was crowned Miss Chinatown USA 1992. After winning the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant based in the city of San Francisco, Melissa represented San Francisco at Miss Chinese International 1996. Melissa had a great interview during the final night, where she challenged Eric Tsang in the interview, and was later crowned as 1st runner up. Due to her strong Cantonese and communication skills, she earned a contract with TVB.

Selected filmography

Notable roles

* Lai Siu in
* Ka Man in Fantasy Hotel
* Dr. Sarah Yip To in Healing Hands III
* Ko Ling in La Femme Desperado
* Hazel Kuk Yeuk Hei in Love Guaranteed
* Song Ching in The Master of Tai Chi


* 1996 Miss Chinese International Pageant: First Runner Up
* 1992 Miss Chinatown USA Winner

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