Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sarah Song

Sarah Song is the current Miss Chinese International 2007 winner. She hails from the city of Sydney, Australia. She speaks three languages, , , and .

Pageant career

Sarah was known to compete at the Miss Sydney Chinese 2006 beauty pageant, where she won. She competed as #1 and was 21 years old. Standing at 5'3.75", Sarah Song was a darkhorse in both Miss Chinese Sydney and Miss Chinese International. On January 3, 2007, she arrived at Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant. On the night of the finals, January 20, 2007, Sarah was in Foshan for the finals. She won the crown and also received the Miss Chinese Culture award. Her victory by many were considered to be because of her good interview skills during the finals. She and the other top 10 delegates were asked to explain chinese slang sayings. She explained them all quite well as she spoke Cantonese.


Sarah received her prizes later in Guangzhou and returned to Sydney afterwards. Sarah will join TVB and will fly to Hong Kong in April 2007.TVB.


Sarah is now working in TVB Payvision as an entertainment news anchor. She will later participate in dramas. Recently she has appeared in the 2007 TVB TVC Awards, Mr Hong Kong 2007 and game shows. Sarah is also hosting a show called "事必關己" along with Sharon Chan, Joey Leung, Tracy Ip, Jess Shum, Ng Hang Mei, Amigo Chui, and more.

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